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Farmington Valley Quilters 2016 Quilt Show

 Congratulations to all of our Winners!

Alaska Quilt Sue Gauvain

First Place Viewer's Choice

by Sue Gauvain

Northern Wilderness

Second Place Viewer's Choice

by Sandi Schrader

Impressionistic Portraits of People I Love

Third Place Viewer's Choice

Naoma Morgenstein

Amy's Baltimore Album Quilt

Quilt Stories
Read About our Quilts here
Honorable Mention awarded to...

Lisa Bermel - Meadow

Donna Dellacamera - Flower Burst

Betsy Henebry - Flower Trelis

Marie Knapps - Log Cabin Chevron

Michelle Palmer

From Sanford Maine to Paris and Beyond

Bobbi Moorhouse - View from the Palisades

Christine Zepp - Stars and Service

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