NeoNatal Quilts

We deliver roughly 100 quilts annually to UConnn's Neonatal unit.

Members are encourage to make a quilt each year that can be donated. They are used to cover the baby isolettes, helping to block out light and noise.  The families then take the quilt home with them to enjoy for a lifetime. 



Shari, our UConn contact, said as of October '16  they have 9 sets of twins!  The quilts are so appreciated by the staff and parents, and bring much comfort to adults and babies alike.  The fabric choices, patterns, and quilting on the adorable, humorous, and sometimes funky quilts are delightful to see.  Please stop by the neonatal table at our meetings to see what other members are making and pick up an optional design pattern made by Sally.  The quilts will put a smile on your face.


Remember, 40” x 40” is preferable, but any sizes close to that are accepted.  Alberta and I sew the ‘Specially Handmade By Farmington Valley Quilters’ label on each one before delivering them.  Our thanks to you all.  

Neonatal quilt donations can be brought to meetings or dropped off at Sew Inspired in Simsbury, Monday-Friday 10:00 am - Noon. 

Alberta Culley 

ABC Quilts

The ABC, A Better Chance, program is a national, non-profit organization that gives promising minority students an opportunity to receive their high school education at an excellent suburban school. It is a residential program with the students living together in a house in Simsbury. Each student is also sponsored by a local family.


Farmington Valley Quilters goal is to provide each boy who enters the program with a new handmade quilt. We started the ABC Quilt Project in 1997 and each year we have presented at least two students with quilts.

Co-Chairs: Peg Thomsen & Kathy Fallon