Quilt Show 2016

Information for Guild Members

This is from Lisa Salvatore

Though I have taken the lead to start organizing our next show, I realize my role as chairperson still requires approval from the guild. In the meantime, I think it’s efficient to get the ball rolling.

The first step is to pull together a board of volunteers. Some of the positions require more time than others. Please feel free to contact me with questions. Lisa Salvatore 860-651-6225

Our first board meeting is Wednesday, January 28th - 7PM at Eno Hall


Chairperson – Lisa Salvatore (pending approval)

Treasurer – Peg Thomsen
Raffle Quilt Design/Construction – Phyllis Small

Raffle Quilt Sales – Christine Zepp
Program – Anne Dodge Vendors – Robin Schofield
Setup/Take Down – Elke Mayer Layout – Lisa Bermel & Phyllis Small
Award Ribbons – Diane Calkin Distribution – Lucille Ladden & Betsy Henebry
Decorations – Marguerite Boslaugh


We still need volunteers for the following roles. Some positions require attending a monthly board meeting held on the FOURTH Wednesday of each month (with some exceptions) at Eno Hall. We also have a great deal of resources from prior shows to get you started in your positions.

Secretary – Document and distribute minutes for monthly meetings

Publicity Chairperson – Oversee the publicity efforts of the show. Time commitment is a function of how many people volunteer for the following roles:

Print Media - Maureen Hulsart
Signage - Coordinate printing & placement of posters, yard signs, sandwhich boards & banners.
Guild/Show Correspondence - Send flyers/bookmarks/news to shops and guilds.
Bookmark/Poster Design - Design & Print promotional bookmarks/postcards/posters for show
Social Media - Create/maintain internet-based publicty. Work with Website coordinator.

Quilt Registration – Document & Distribute information about show quilts. Strong computer skills.


Quilt Intake – Receive, store & deliver show quilts. Pet & smoke free house required.

Themed Basket Raffle – Organize & display raffle baskets

Invitationals – Identify and organize potential guest exhibitors, speakers and/or instructors for show.

Volunteer Coordination – Indentify & document volunteers required for show weekend.

Food – Coordinate food for volunteers on Friday set-up and during show