New England Quilt Museum Opportunity

As supporting members of the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) in Lowell, MA, the Farmington Valley Quilt Guild is entitled to select one quilt to display in the Museum’s Biennial Summer Celebration exhibit 2021. Our Quilt Show Committee voted to support this exhibit as a way to promote our guild and the quilting skills of our members. Our Guild Board and our Quilt Show Committee together will choose one quilt to be exhibited at the NEQM and one runner-up from our Sew Beautiful Quilt Show 2020. There will be a box to check on our registration form if you wish your quilt to be considered for this competition. Please note that the quilt must be available from May, 2021, through September, 2021. The criteria set by the NEQM and FVQI are as follows:
1.Entries must consist of 2 layers of fabric with a middle layer of batting. It must display quilting by machine and/or hand. Quilting is defined as a running stitch that passes through top, batting and backing. Tied quilts are not permitted.
2. No entries accepted made prior to 2018. No kits please. If not an original design, source of pattern must be supplied.
3.Quilts should be no larger than 80” wide by 88” long, and no smaller than 24” wide by 24” long. Quilts will be hung as space permits.
4. NEQM reserves the right, for whatever reason, to reject any quilt submitted.

5. All quilts, regardless of size, must have a 4” hanging sleeve sewn to the upper back of the quilt.
6. Information for a special label for the back of the quilt will be given to the winners at a later date (basically title, guild name, quilt maker’s name, address, & phone number).
7. The quilt must be available from end of May (for photos) until the end of September, 2021.
8. No quilt may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition in September, 2021.
A second opportunity will then be available to our guild. During the 2021 Summer Celebration Show at the NEQM, visitors to the museum will vote for their favorite quilt. This Viewer’s Choice Award will determine which guild will have the ability to display several quilts at the NEQM in their own show the following fall. Should your quilt win the 2021 Viewer’s Choice Award, our Guild will have the chance to have our own FVQ Guild Show at the NEQM in the fall of 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for us, and we encourage you to participate. The museum has free admission during The Summer Celebration Show, so you are encouraged to see the show, and vote for your favorite quilt. If you  have any questions or reservations about entering, just get in touch with Phyllis Small ( or Maureen Hulsart (